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Holistic Dental Center New Jersey's Biological Dentistry Approach

LogoHolistic Dental Center New Jersey takes a biological dentistry approach with its patients. Biological dentistry is not a novel method of dental practice. It is more in line with a principle that can relate to dentistry as well as it does to health care: finding a healthy, non-toxic treatment approach.

CareOptimize and Analitico Rise to the Challenges of Value-Based Care

LogoThe Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently called for a greater national commitment to value-based care, based on Medicare claims data showing the effects of COVID-19 on Medicare beneficiaries. Value-based reimbursement links payments to patients’ health outcomes and quality of care. It’s been the direction healthcare is heading, and the pandemic has only accelerated the movement and highlighted the benefits to patients and practices with a comprehensive, well-implemented value-based program.

Logistics and Supply Chain Recruiters – Transforming the Experience of Recruitment

LogoAs a leading specialist recruiter in end-to-end supply chain, DSJ Global US designs and delivers hiring solutions for a new and more complex age. The firm works with organisations nationwide, partnering with agile start-ups, global brands and visionary businesses in locations from New York and Dallas to Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. In an ever changing world where there is a need to be responsive to everything, from COVID-19 to the impact of technology on logistics and supply chain, the quality of people and connections matters even more.

Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs – Creating Momentum for Career-Defining Moves

LogoDSJ Global US was founded in 2008 and in the intervening years has been able to reimagine the way that recruitment is handled when it comes to logistics and supply chain jobs. The firm works to identify opportunities across the USA, in major cities including Dallas and San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Boston. Through in-depth sector insight and key connections that have been nurtured over many years, the firm is able to help create momentum for career defining moves and support businesses in building strong and resilient teams with the potential to do more.

Pharmacovigilance Careers in Germany – Identifying Innovative Solutions to Hiring Challenges

LogoResearch by the World Health Organisation has found that more than half of all medicines are being prescribed, dispensed or sold incorrectly. Not only that but 50% of patients don’t take the medication they have been prescribed properly. In a time of global shortages when pharmaceutical resources could be crucial, the pharmacovigilance industry is more important than ever before.

Life Science Recruiting Firm- Making Key Connections Between Talented Individuals and Forward-Thinking Businesses

LogoThe German pharmaceuticals market is substantial in size – the fourth largest in the world and the biggest in Europe. It reaches across the country to major locations nationwide, including Berlin and Frankfurt, as well as Cologne, Hamburg and Munich. EPM Scientific DE specialises in recruiting to this vibrant and fast moving industry, making key connections between talented individuals and forward-thinking businesses that enables the sector to thrive.

Medical Communications Careers in Switzerland – Innovative Recruitment for a New Age

LogoNew medication is developed all the time and can considerably improve the lives of patients all over the world. However, while much of the focus and investment is on bringing medicine from invention to pharmacy shelves, ensuring that those who could benefit from it know about it is equally key. This is the role of the medical communications industry and those who work within it and is likely to grow in importance as the race for a cure for COVID-19 continues.

Clinical Jobs in Zurich – Setting the Pace for Real Change

LogoClinical jobs in Zurich, Chur, Geneva, Bern and Lucerne offer a range of opportunities for those who are keen to develop and find new opportunities in unprecedented times. EPM Scientific CH works with businesses across the Life Sciences sector, making key connections with individuals who have the vision and skills to help set the pace for real change. The firm was established in 2012 and has extensive experience in helping a range of businesses to fill clinical development roles across the sector.

Technical Operations Careers in Zurich - Connecting Talented People to the Organisations Where Their Expertise Will Make a Difference

LogoTechnical operations drive businesses forward and provide resilience during testing times. Without the right people, a business can struggle to cope with interruption and change and may fall short of objectives and timelines. DSJ Global CH is a specialist recruiter for procurement and supply chain professionals, kick-starting technical operations careers in Zurich, as well as Bern, Geneva, Chur and Lucerne. The firm has a wealth of experience when it comes to connecting talented people to the organisations where their expertise will make a difference.

Leading Logistics and Supply Chain Recruiters in Switzerland – Securing Business Critical Talent Is Essential in 2020

LogoIn times of a global pandemic securing business-critical talent is more important than ever. DSJ Global CH supports businesses in finding the right people to weather economic storms and identify new opportunities to move forward. The firm was founded in 2008 and has worked with organisations and people across Switzerland – in Zurich and Geneva, Bern, Chur and Lucerne – as well as internationally. As a result, DSJ Global CH is now one of the leading logistics and supply chain recruiters in Switzerland and has established a strong global reputation for reliability and expertise.

Logistics and Supply Chain Recruitment Germany – Transforming Hiring at Every Stage

LogoThe end-to-end supply chain process is critically important to businesses in Europe today – and across the world. Team building is an essential part of the process of creating contingencies against the kind of disruption and change that COVID-19 has brought. It also provides a firm foundation on which organisations can evolve and take advantage of opportunities for innovation and technological advancement. DSJ Global DE is a specialist leading recruiter for organisations and individuals across Germany – from Berlin and Hamburg to Munch, Cologne and Frankfurt – transforming hiring at every stage of the supply chain.

Senior Procurement Careers in Deutschland – Opportunities Across the Spectrum

LogoProcurement professionals have a lot to contribute to the modern world, particularly given the progress of the global pandemic and the impact this has had on logistics and supply chains. DSJ Global DE partners with talented people at senior levels across the industry and throughout Germany, including in major cities such as Berlin and Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich. The firm has a wealth of expertise in supporting the development of senior procurement careers in Deutschland and in ensuring that businesses are able to recruit people at all levels.

Fortel Takes Pride in Their Team of Young Professionals

Fortel takes pride in their workforce that consists of young, talented, creative and hardworking professionals. Not all leaders can truly come forward and admit that their staff is their strength. For Sat Nijjer, it is proud feeling as the CEO constantly and consistently puts the employees before anything else. The company provides several opportunities for employees across various levels and skillsets to improve skills in their respective areas; thereby contributing to the overall success of the projects. Fortel Group was able to successfully maintain its growth level so far in the 30 years of operations and will continue to do so with the help of their staff.

Bitszcoin: Driving eLearning Education in Asia, Africa and Around the World with Crypto

The explosion of internet use over the last five years has changed the complete dynamics of the education ecosystem worldwide. Traditional "brick and mortar" educational platforms are now facing the heat with the growing penetration of self-paced eLearning professional courses.

Crossbeats Is Providing Quality Earbuds and Headphones Online in India

Founded in the year 2015 by two brothers who focused on creating limitless possibilities for music listeners. Crossbeats is a brand that redefines the wireless headphone experience with adventure-ready designs that give clients a sound experience that gets them moving. They are a product development and distribution company with operations in the USA, India, and Europe. The company brings clients the best Bluetooth powered audio equipment in the industry by using cutting-edge technology to redefine sound. The company's mission is to bring accessible, modern technology to every doorstep. From the product idea to the post-purchase experience, they deliver smart, high-quality electronics and top-marketers on the biggest online shopping platforms. At Crossbeats, they work passionately to create wireless products with simplicity and usability to complement your healthy lifestyle choices beautifully.

Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, Director of White House Task Force to End Suicide, to Be First Guest on Next Steps Forward with Chris Meek

LogoSTAMFORD, Conn. – Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, executive director of the task force to create the President's Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a National Tragedy of Suicide (PREVENTS), will be the inaugural guest on a new VoiceAmerica national podcast, Next Steps Forward with Chris Meek.

R & D Jobs in Pharma – Specialist Recruitment Support

LogoResearch, discovery and development provide the foundations on which survival is based for many businesses within the Life Sciences sector. EPM Scientific US partners with organisations nationwide, from Boston and Chicago to Dallas, San Francisco and New York, connecting talented individuals to the enterprises where they will be set up for success. A wealth of R&D jobs exists in pharma today and there are opportunities to make career defining moves and for businesses to build sustainable and resilient teams when the right hiring choices are made.

Create Chatbots in Just a Few Clicks Using Appy Pie Chatbot

Appy Pie Chatbot provides a unique and easy to use interface that allows small businesses to create chatbots for their websites and mobile apps with minimum effort and no coding.

广西快乐十分Rosen Moss Snyder LLP Booking Consultations for Long Term Disability Cases in Philadelphia This Summer Season

LogoRosen Moss Snyder LLP, a group of long term disability claim lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, is currently scheduling consultations for individuals who have recently suffered a disabling injury or been diagnosed with any disabling condition included but not limited to a disease such as Alzheimer's disease. An individual with Alzheimer's who hasn't yet reached retirement age might be worried about how their condition will impact their ability to work or how they will pay their bills if they can't. Luckily, many employees have some form of long term disability insurance, which often covers Alzheimer's disease.

Peruzzi Collision Center Still Available to Help After a Fender Bender

Many people believe that they should only turn to auto body shops for major collision repair in Bensalem, PA. However, the experienced professionals at Peruzzi Collision Center want drivers to know they are available to help with minor issues as well. While they help with some more major repairs, their team is also equally adept at helping those who have dents that do not require repainting, automotive glass problems, upholstery repairs, and wheel repairs. For anyone involved in a fender bender, this may be the ideal solution to repair their vehicle.

PA Auto Credit Provides Improved Access to Transportation This Summer

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the way Americans live and work, one challenge that very few experts predicted is presenting itself: limited access to transportation. An increased number of vehicles on the road and wariness from drivers to accept passengers can make it significantly more challenging to find a ridesharing pool. Additionally, many carpooling programs have been cancelled, as employees work together to socially distance themselves.

The Pen Boutique Offers a Wide Variety of Writing Instruments

The Pen Boutique, founded by Leena Shrestha-Menon offers a wide variety of writing instruments to its clients. They are a leading company merchandising fine pens, premium leather accessories, desk accessories, and many more writing instruments across the USA. They strive to offer quality and outstanding customer service to their clients. The firm has been awarded on several occasions for the excellent services and products they offer. They deal with prestigious brand names such as Montblanc, Parker, Aurora, Montegrappa, and Sailor. The company has a team of experienced and high skilled personnel.

Life Science Recruitment Agencies in USA - EPM Scientific US Is a Leading Specialist in the Field

LogoSecuring business critical talent is more challenging than ever before but the right recruitment partner can make this simple. COVID-19 has placed incredible pressure on businesses within the life sciences sector and also made team building and expansion tough. EPM Scientific US works with Life Sciences organisations across the USA, from Boston and Dallas to Chicago, San Francisco and New York, connecting people with the roles that can support growth, on a personal level and across the industry too.

Top-Quality Industry Spray Foam Equipment for Sale

LogoIntech Equipment & Supply has been a force to reckon with when considering distributors of spray foam insulation equipment. Since 1995, the company was founded to be a radical game-changer in the sector. The company's online store features a multitude of industry manufacturers offering the best reliable industry spray foam insulation equipment. Strengthened by its expert service, the company stands out among competitors by offering quality products to its happy customers. The company provides one of the most convenient shopping experiences by leveraging its online platform, thereby making it the number one spray foam supplier for many customers.

No More Phone Tag Provides Medical Answering Services That Are Well-Customized for Individual Needs in the United States

LogoAnswering services for businesses and organizations, have evolved over time, from the early beginnings, where trained customer service professionals are saddled with the responsibility of answering calls from customers, clients and patients, and taking down their requests, needs, and complaints. Answering services have now transitioned to being automated, whereby detailed messages are taken down for the business or organization, without any mistakes, allowing the business to be focused on other things, whilst taking note of the needs of customers, clients, or patients. No More Phone Tag armed with their automated call service, provides unequalled Medical Answering Services to medical facilities in the United States.

Crystalis Treasures Offers Natural Crystals and Minerals for Individuals Practicing Mindfulness

Crystalis Treasures is proactive about preserving and promoting the integrity of ancient cultures that used healing crystals and stones to improve their physical and spiritual wellbeing. The store has its primary focus on being the resource for enabling more people to embrace the best practices of self-healing and mindfulness. True to its objectives, Crystalis Treasures has attracted a nationwide following as it serves clients from across the United States with top quality spiritual products.

广西快乐十分Elmwood Park Zoo Offers $79.95 Per Person Outdoor Celebration Special for 2020 Events

LogoEvery event planner wants their big day to be perfect, fun, and memorable. For anyone looking for a unique outdoor wedding venue in Philadelphia or another special event, Elmwood Park Zoo offers a truly one-of-a-kind location. And there's never been a more affordable time to book — Elmwood Park Zoo is currently offering a $79.95 per person outdoor celebration special for events booked for the remainder of 2020.