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Carosella & Associates Helps Their Clients with Insolvency and Bankruptcy Issues

LogoThe team at West Chester law firm Carosella & Associates understands that insolvency and bankruptcy are complicated issues whether they involve a business or individual. Their bankruptcy lawyers and business attorneys thoroughly evaluate each client's financial situation and provide various options to help them resolve these complex economic matters while ensuring their rights and interests are protected.

CareOptimize and Analitico Rise to the Challenges of Value-Based Care

LogoThe Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently called for a greater national commitment to value-based care, based on Medicare claims data showing the effects of COVID-19 on Medicare beneficiaries. Value-based reimbursement links payments to patients’ health outcomes and quality of care. It’s been the direction healthcare is heading, and the pandemic has only accelerated the movement and highlighted the benefits to patients and practices with a comprehensive, well-implemented value-based program.

Chorus Communications Helps Companies Ensure PCI Compliance During Pandemic

LogoChorus Communications, a technology consulting firm serving the Greater Philadelphia area, advises on the importance of PCI compliance for companies that have recently switched to an eCommerce platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Any business that is selling products online needs to ensure PCI compliance to keep their customers' data safe. Chorus Communications is ready to assist companies with this endeavor.

Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning Continues to Offer in-Home Air Conditioning Repair

LogoWith temperatures consistently clocking in at over 80 degrees, there's nothing worse than having an air conditioning system break down in the height of the summer. Thankfully, one company provides professional, fast, and consistent AC repair in Brick, Toms River, and the surrounding communities — Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning. Regardless of what air conditioning service or repair that they need, homeowners know that they can count on Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning.

Hamlyns LLP Offers Bookkeeping and Accounting Services to Customers Across Multiple Industries

LogoHamlyns LLP, a top accountancy firm in Surrey, offers a wide range of bookkeeping and accounting services to private clients and businesses across multiple industries. The tax legislation in the UK is complicated, therefore, they will explain how it will affect a business on a practical level so that they can make an informed decision about how to go forward in regards to their financial affairs. They have a team of experienced charted accountants who have immense knowledge of the UK's tax legislation and are committed to serving each of their clients in the most efficient manner. Hamlyns' bookkeeping and accounting solutions are outlined to support the clients by setting up compliance and controls, equalising expenditure and growth, cutting down the cash cycle and increasing the ROI.

Coolies from Can Match Any Decor

LogoWhen it comes to planning a wedding, the color scheme of the event is one of the most important factors. From décor to the bridesmaids' dresses to wedding invitations, the best-looking weddings have everything coordinated with a particular color scheme in mind. Party and event planners looking for the perfect souvenir to complement their color scheme are encouraged to explore the massive range of bottle and can coolies available from Offers Easy-to-Use Coolie Creation Tools

LogoPlanning a corporate event, wedding, or athletic tournament can be stressful. The planning process can be even more difficult for those who must find affordable yet one-of-a-kind favors for their special celebration or event, but who don't have the graphic design skills to create a new logo or emblem. Thankfully, there's an easy way for anyone to create their own unique coolies, mugs or tumblers with just a few clicks — and that's by ordering from

NASDAQ:SSNC Investor Notice: Investigation over Potential Securities Laws Violations at SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc.

LogoSS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. is under investigation over potential securities laws in connection with certain financial statements.

NASDAQ:VRCA Shareholder Notice: Lawsuit Alleges Securities Laws Violations by Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc.

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:VRCA), filed a lawsuit over alleged Securities Laws violations by Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Online Life Insurance Quotes Announces New Directory of Top Canadian Life Insurance Companies

Online Life Insurance Quotes is pleased to announce they have redesigned their website for easier access at Myles Rempel states "We have redesigned our website to be consumer friendly." Popular guides are the life insurance guide, disability insurance guide and critical illness insurance guide. There is also a summary and listing of the life insurance companies in Canada including companies such as Ivari, RBC life insurance and BMO insurance.

Now on Kickstarter, a Project to Make Outdoor Mural Art Buyable, Featuring Artist Justin Blake

Justin Marshall Blake, a professional urban spray paint artist, has launched an exciting new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Hoping to share his passion for street art and artistic inspirations with the world, Justin is currently raising funds to bring massive, one of a kind, handmade art to homes and workspaces across the country, while supporting the development of a new studio gallery in Payson, Arizona.

Now on Kickstarter, Delicious Organic, Plant-Based Belgian Chocolates by Jonas Hoekman

Passionate about both authentic Belgian chocolate and sustainable lifestyles, Jonas Hoekman has just launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help bring the best organic, dairy-free chocolate to his homeland of Belgium and beyond.

Online Life Insurance Quotes Is Pleased to Announce a New Directory of Top Canadian Life Insurance Companies

Online Life Insurance Quotes is pleased to announce they have redesigned their website for easier access at Myles Rempel states "We have redesigned our website to be consumer friendly." Popular guides are the life insurance guide, disability insurance guide and critical illness insurance guide. There is also a summary and listing of the life insurance companies in Canada including companies such as Ivari, RBC life insurance and BMO insurance.

Why Are People So Stressed? EBT Is the Brain/Body Solution

LogoStress comes from many sources. It can be psychological, physical or metabolic. Most stress for most people is psychological, which is why EBT gives us the tools to rewire circuits that cause psychological stress, but the same wires promote unhealthy behaviors, health problems, and metabolic stress. EBT integrates medical care and lifestyle, too. Speak with Lynda Frassetto, MD, our special guest and EBT researcher for program that will help you understand your health and integrative medicine in a new way.

YMC America Describes Minichrom BioPro Columns in a New Two-Page Brochure

YMC America describes Minichrom™ BioPro columns in a new two-page brochure. Minichrom™ BioPro columns are polypropylene LC columns packed with YMC BioPro IEX stationary phase material.

Appy Pie Knowledge Helping Businesses Create Effective Knowledge Bases for Staff and Clients

Appy Pie Knowledge, an excellent knowledge base creator software, offers various effective features like domain mapping, hierarchical approach, save for later, and much more, helping businesses create effective knowledge bases for staff and clients. While creating a knowledge base using Appy Pie Knowledge, users can preview what their articles will look like.

How COVID-19 Has Allowed the Pen Boutique to Better Serve Customers Online

The Coronavirus pandemic has dealt a significant blow to the efficiency and operation of businesses, organizations, and nations. Many people have lost their jobs, countries have had their economies slashed drastically, and many companies have also been shut down due to the onslaught of this pandemic. Regardless of the challenges the world has faced, in the United States, Pen Boutique, a world leader in merchandising fine writing instruments and personalized gifts, has been able to serve their customers online and provided equal if not better customer service.

The Spice People's Enriching Culinary Adventure with Chilli Chipotle, Fenugreek Leaves, and Smoked Salt

Spices have been in use for a very long time in human history. Their presence in food is quite important, as they bring out the unique taste of cuisines, at the same time, making them attractive and appealing to the sight of people. Also finding use as preservatives for industrially processed food, they give canned products a longer shelf life. As food or as medicine, the importance of spices in the life of humans cannot be overlooked. In Australia, The Spice People, a spice making company, offers for sale Chilli Chipotle, Fenugreek Leaves, and Smoked Salt to the Australian people.

Bitcoin Proof of Stake: BitcoinPoS – BPS

The Bitcoin core network today runs on the proof of work algorithm. It leaves the network open to the 51% attack, also it is costly to mine and harmful for the environment. The PoW mechanism has also been a hindrance to scalability.

Fortel Group Introduces New Career Opportunities for Fresh and Young Talent

Fortel Group are the pioneers in the industry and are the leading agency that supplies workforce. Sat Nijjer, the CEO of Fortel is pleased to announce that they have introduced new career opportunities for the younger generation of professionals who want to make a career in the civil engineering industry. Fortel has always been on the forefront when it comes to maintaining the quality of their workforce across levels. Whether it is engineers or machine operators, ground workers or supervisors, the company is known for their diversified supply of labour.

广西快乐十分Topgear Driving Tuition Provides Qualified Driving Instructors for Availing Driving Lessons of Both Manual and Automatic Cars in Glasgow

Topgear Driving Tuition Limited was established by Johnny Robertson in the year 2003 to provide driving lessons to people in and around Glasgow areas such as Airdrie, Bellshill, Clydebank, Dunbartonshire, East kilbride, Glasgow North, Glasgow East End, Glasgow Southside, Glasgow West End, Hamilton, Motherwell and Paisley respectively. They make available both male and female driving instructors to teach their clients both manual and automatic transmission cars. Topgear Driving Tuition provides both weekly, bi-weekly, semi-intensive, as well as one-week driving lesson courses. Their driving lessons are cost-effective to save more funds for clients.

Crossbeats Set to Transform the True Wireless Earbuds Experience in India

Connecting to the audio source is almost going wireless. On the other hand, an earphone that does not fit into the ear or produce excellent audio quality can easily fall off, cause discomfort while at the gym, walking and break in communication while receiving calls, e.t.c. Crossbeats wireless earphone products, and it's accessories, have been created for providing high-end audio performance and seamless interface to people.

McElroy DataLogger Update Adds More Helpful Features

LogoMcElroy's extremely useful DataLogger® tablet recently received another update. The 1.17 update concentrates on enhancing the Android-powered device's overall efficiency as well as interface improvements. Furthermore, users will discover tweaks for extra short cycle times, a smaller than normal diameter pipe, and many more new features.

XPressGuards Security Company Announces Los Angeles Expansion

LogoNationwide security company, XPressGuards, is pleased to announce its recent expansion to Los Angeles. Individuals, small businesses, and large companies based in Los Angeles can now inquire about XPressGuards security services or hire their security guards.

100% Reliable Bio Medical Waste Management for Effective Disposal of Waste

BioMedical Waste Solutions is pleased to present medical waste disposal services which are low in cost, reliable and compliant. This top New York City Medical Waste Disposal Company is 100% compliant and certified by OSHA, EPA and HIPAA. One of the most important reasons to dispose medical waste in an appropriate manner is to protect the environment as well as the general health of the public. When dispose in an improper manner, this waste can cause safety and health hazards along with polluting air and water. Every day the health care industry disposes of waste in the form of syringes, blood vials, personal protective environment, culture tubes, needles, surgical wraps, masks, gloves, fluid samples, sharps, blades, chemical waste and many others.

Archie Johnson Joins Corporate Connection Team as VP of Sales and Marketing

Corporate Connection, a short-term furniture rental and temporary housing company in Greenville, SC, is proud to welcome Archie Johnson to the team as the company's first VP of Sales and Marketing.

Cost-Effective, Compliant Services by Staten Island Medical Waste Disposal Company

BioMedical Waste Solutions, the leading Bronx Medical Waste Disposal Company is known for their low cost, reliable and compliant waste disposal services. Customers can now request a quote in 10 seconds from the top Staten Island Medical Waste Disposal Company. They are 100% compliant and certified by OSHA, EPA and HIPAA Compliance and federal laws governing the disposal of medical waste in New York. Effective medical waste is not just about picking up the medical waste at affordable rates. It is also about reducing the facility's liability both environmentally and human risk; correctly managing the medical waste stream on behalf of the facility; and most importantly simplifying the facility's access to the disposal products.