• Empire Executive Offices to Offer Free Zoom Connections with Short Term Office Rentals in Miami

    Empire Executive Offices will be providing short term office leases including free Zoom setup and connections。


    Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2020 -- During times of uncertainty, Empire Executive Offices wants to offer a helpful resolution to business owners and individuals looking for Miami office space for rent. Empire Executive Offices will be providing short term office leases including free Zoom setup and connections. This is not typical of an office leasing location as usually lease terms are longer and expectations of leasing an office space for 3 – 5 years is the norm. This creates an opportunity for business owners facing new ways to operate in a world changing due to the evolving landscape of business into a more virtual process.

    The owners at Empire Executive Offices say "we are really excited to offer this service of flexible lease options alongside free Zoom set up and connections, this is a real benefit to our business community in Miami. Many things have changed in the currently business climate can still further change overnight, we choose to be a leader in the ability to be flexible along with our clients and customers. Our offer of short-term office rentals in Miami will provide a competitive advantage for not only us but our customers as well, adding Zoom connections as an extra only makes the deal that much sweeter."

    Considering that many business owners have had to change the way they do things from an operational standpoint has really mad it hard during these times. Since an operational change dictates whether your business is going to perform well or drown in unnecessary expenses and things of that nature.

    "Empire Executive Offices will make things just a bit easier for businesses struggling to find an office space without having to deal with overhead expenses that will take them out of business possibly. Some businesses just need somewhere to receive their mail or even just a place to meet a potential client for a day. These are requirements of the new age of business that have to be accounted for and that's where Empire Executive offices feels they add value to the business community."

    Contact info jennafer@empirexo.com or call 954-241-1010

    About Empire Executive Offices
    offers executive offices with a variety of office spaces & sizes available with flexible lease terms and budget friendly options. Each location comes with a plethora of business options for your benefit. All our offices are turn-key ready.

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