• "FUTURE of SPORTS" with Ambassador of JOY Barry Shore on VoiceAmerica


    Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2020 -- VoiceAmerica, the leader in online media broadcasting and the largest producer and distributor of live internet talk radio, announced the episode "FUTURE of SPORTS" interview with Ambassador of JOY Barry Shore and guest David Meltzer as they also discuss their life mission of getting over 1 billion people to live in Happiness and Joy every day. The episode played live on VoiceAmerica.com and can be found at . Your Ambassador of JOY Barry Shore brings You David Meltzer, Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency. Both, Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore and guest David Meltzer have taken on the power packed mission of getting every person to live with pure joy and happiness every day. Listen as the three-time international best-selling author, Top 100 Business Coach, and the executive producer of the show Elevator Pitch talks about the FUTURE of SPORTS amidst the Pandemic of 2020. David delivers VALUE in everything he does and to those around him. His most recent book is "Game-Time Decision Making." Due to his accomplishments he has been recognized by Variety Magazine as their Sports Humanitarian of the Year along with being awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

    About David Meltzer
    David Meltzer serves as the Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly took the seat as CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency. The mission that he has set for his life is to empower everyone around him to be happy. Due to this mission he was led on a powerful journey where he learned to always provide one thing, VALUE. He is a three-time international best-selling author, a Top 100 Business Coach, executive producer of the phenomenal show Elevator Pitch, and host of the successful podcast, The Playbook. David recently published a new book called, Game-Time Decision Making, which became a #1 new release. Thanks to his accomplishments Variety Magazine gave him the title as their Sports Humanitarian of the Year and he was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

    About Barry Shore
    Barry Shore is the Ambassador of Joy. His Mission is to transform the world through JOY. His forthcoming book: STRESS KILLS......JOY Heals reveals 11 Strategies for LIVING in JOY, daily. These are available for FREE at www.barryshore.com He is also a successful serial entrepreneur with 2 exits and 3 issued patents. In September 2004 Barry became a quadriplegic overnight from a rare disease. His journey to regain mobility pushed him to Go MAD (Make A Difference). He set out to build a platform to teach people to LIVE in JOY, daily. No matter the situation. To that end www.BarryShore.com and The JOY of LIVING Institute ™ were born.

    Further he attracted the talent to build systems that enable people to GIVE money to their favorite Cause and Oprah wrote about this in her Magazine. The goal is giving one billion dollars by making every day giving effortless and meaningful. He also Founded the KEEP SMILING Movement which has distributed MILLIONS of KEEP SMILING Cards for free. His radio show/podcast, The JOY of LIVING, is heard worldwide by hundreds of thousands and has over One Million Downloads in its first year. In the process of recovering from full paralysis Barry has become an avid swimmer and heswims 2 miles/day 6X/week and has accumulated more than 7,503 miles over 12 years.

    About VoiceAmerica
    VoiceAmerica is the original digital broadcast company for the production and delivery of Live Internet Talk Radio programming and continues to be the industry leader in digital media, marketing, and distribution. We are the pioneers of digital radio programming and have been since 1999. We create and distribute over 500 unique and innovative radio programs for our millions of engaged listeners worldwide. Our network channels distribute live programs daily that reach a growing domestic and international audience who connect through all devices via our mobile, desktop, and tablet VoiceAmerica destinations. Learn more at . Download the VoiceAmerica App now to listen live on Apple and Android. follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Call us any time to find out how VoiceAmerica can help you reach your audience, 1-855-877-4666.

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