• Preparing the Home for Hurricane Season

    Hurricane season begins in just a few days and homeowners should consider being ready. Making a few changes to a home may help with being able to weather the storm, and they may also lead to insurance policy discounts.


    Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2020 -- The roof is a fundamental component of the home, especially during hurricane season. Besides evaluating how old the roof is, homeowners should also examine what type of roof they have. For example, the process of tying down has gained favor. Roofing has grown quite a bit and nowadays the use of "straps" to ensure a stable roof is common.

    A window's resistance to impact is important but shutters are also important as they may also lead to discounts. The majority of home inspectors will examine the materials that cover a window but they may also take a closer look to ensure the construction has been done correctly.

    The direction in which a door plays an important factor. Doors can be opened much faster in a hurricane by heavy winds if they open inward. Be sure to apply safety to any glass that may be on the front door, as an extra measure of security.

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