• 'Self Made' Indie Hip Hop Artist Announces Release of New 5-Track EP

    From foster care kid to hip hop visionary, Jay Fred brings ‘No Autotune’ to music fans nationwide


    Baton Rouge, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2020 -- According to indie hip hop artist Jay Fred, no one from his hometown has ever made it on the national stage.

    He wants to change that.

    The artist just dropped a new EP, building on several earlier single releases on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. "No Autotune" is a five-song EP released through Jay Fred's record label Self Made Individual (SMI). The album, written, recorded, produced and engineered by Jay Fred himself, includes the tracks "Intro," "War Ready," "Keep a Pump," "G-Shit," and "Pressure Got Applied."

    Jay Fred hails from New Roads, Louisiana outside Baton Rouge.

    Growing up the child of parents who struggled with illness, Jay Fred was raised in a foster home with his two siblings. From his humble roots, he looked to inspiration from idols like Lil Wayne to create his own vision to become a famous musician.

    Today, the versatile hip hop fusion artist produces and writes his own music, plays his own instruments including guitar and piano, and shoots his own music videos. He prides himself on creating a sound not confined to one music genre.

    In addition to releasing several recordings, the artist has performed at shows in Atlanta, Mississippi Louisiana and Texas. He will be featured in upcoming collaborative efforts with emerging Louisiana artists Joe Scott, Tweeday, GeauxYella, Doodie Savage, Shon Thang, and many others.

    "I wanna reach the world with my real life story," Jay Fred said. "I wanna be immortal and live forever in people's hearts. The fortune comes and goes, but to be a successful artist is forever."

    Jay Fred's next single, "In My Bag," is slated for release on his birthday, September 12.

    Watch Jay Fred's music video for his song "Fuk Love," filmed in one take, at

    About Jay Fred
    Grew up in new roads Louisiana Lil Wayne was my idol mom and father was sick so I lived in a foster home 2 siblings, to help my family out of poverty my goal is to become a great artist who produces and write his own music ,music is all I know I wanna be immortal be remembered as someone who's great.

    Learn more about Jay Fred on the following music and video platforms:

    - SoundCloud:
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