• Wood Reels, Steel Reels, and Eco-Friendly Recycled Reels from Reel-Logix Solutions Are Utilized Extensively in the Wire and Cable Industry

    Wood reels, steel reels, and recycled reels from Reel-Logix provide industrial reel product solutions and a reel recycling program to conserve resources and save on disposal costs


    Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2020 -- Based in Houston, Reel-Logix Solutions have been delivering quality wood and steel products for over 28 years to Texas and the surrounding state regions. Commonly used as non-returnable, lightweight packaging for products such as insulated wires and cables, ferrous wires, rope, tapes, and chains, plywood reels can be made of high-quality hardwood plywood or more economical softwood plywood. With sizes ranging from 8" to 48" in diameter, painting and stenciling are available as requested. Same-day shipping for 12 available sizes and the largest selection and inventory of wood reels in the Texas region means that projects on short lead times can be accommodated. For heavier wire, rope, and cable products, are the preferred wooden product choice instead of plywood reels. These reels are non-returnable or returnable packaging solutions and are available in sizes up to 168" in diameter. Reels need not be discarded after a single use and the disposal costs associated with landfill sites can be bypassed when participating in the "Reel-Cycle" .

    Reel-Logix have a process which includes cleaning the reel, stripping the reel, tightening or replacing hardware, sanding all cable-bearing surfaces, filling voids, and spray coating the such as that savings are accrued and the reel can be recycled three or more times. This eco-friendly program sees less waste in landfills and reduced use of resources, a feature companies often like to promote as part of their 'go green' initiative with a logo or sticker to draw attention to the recycled reels and the commitment to the environment. Steel reels can also be recycled. Reel-Logix is equipped to pick up and recycle used wood and steel reels which remain in good condition from across the continental U.S. Pickup of empty steel reels, , or poly-fiber reels are easily arranged (details below).

    About Reel-Logix Solutions
    Reel-Logix Solutions is a Houston-based hybrid reel company providing innovative reel products and cost-saving solutions to the wire and cable industry. As a leading recycler, importer, and manufacturer of , , , import reels, and cable reels, Reel-Logix is family operated and has been in business for over 28 years. Proud members of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association, their reel management services offer a one-stop for clients across Texas and the surrounding states. Lean manufacturing principles, quality checks, and audits dovetail with excellent customer service and the 24/7 commitment which can help deliver even when lead times are short. Recycled reels can be purchased at a reduced cost compared to new reels and the Eco-friendly process aligns with the commitment to clients, communities, and the environment. For , , and end-to-end reel solutions, contact Reel-Logix today.

    Contact Details:
    Email: sales@Reel-Logix.com
    Arrange reel recycling pickup: Call 713-369-3139 or email recovery@Reel-Logix.com
    Phone: (281) 617-7444

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